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Tips about best place to stay in the Canary Islands for tourits: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote. Which is the best Canary Island to visit in winter? Sunniest places.


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No doubt. The hottest canary island in november is Gran Canaria.
If I want to spend a warm winter I'll go in my apartment in Gran Canaria, in Puerto Rico. The villages located in the municipality of Mogan are the hottest places in november, december, january and february.

hottest canary island in november
hottest canary island in november

If you are looking for a place to sunbathe and swimming in the ocean, I suggest you stay in the hottest beaches of Gran Canaria.

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Hottest Canary Island in November?

Gran Canaria is the hottest island in November. I recommend you to stay in the southwest area of the island.

best canary islands in november

Here the hottest area of the canary islands in november:

1. Gran Canaria (southwest area - Puerto Rico),
2. Tenerife (southeast area - Playa Las Americas),
3. Fuerteventura (Caleta de Fuste),
4. Lanzarote (Southern area - Playa Blanca)

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