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Tips about best place to stay in the Canary Islands for tourits: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote. Which is the best Canary Island to visit in every season? Sunniest places. Click the "Menu button" and choose your island.


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FUERTEVENTURA tips, video, map

Fuerteventura holidays

When I went to Fuerteventura, I stayed in 3 different seaside resorts, moving every 3 days. The 3 villages listed below, are the places where I recommend you to stay for your holidays on this wild Canary Island.


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1. Visit and Stay in Corralejo

๐Ÿ’ฅ First village to stay is Corralejo (which can also be visited easily from Lanzarote). From Fuerteventura Airport (FUE) Corralejo Viejo can be reached in about 30 minutes by car.

๐Ÿ’ฅ TO DO: Stop at Parque Natural de Corralejo to climb the Dunes and take wonderful photos.

The paved road that passes between the beach is one of the most impressive things in this part of the island.

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2. Staying in Morro del Jable

My second destination, was the seaside resort of Morro del Jable, in the deep South of Fuerteventura where I stayed for 3 nights.

๐Ÿ“ Corralejo Viejo is 122 KM from Morro, if you take the coastal road. I advise you to reach it very calmly because, during the journey, you will be able to stop and see other villages.

๐Ÿ’ฅ In Morro del Jable there is the long immense and wide Playa del Mattoral where it is pleasant walking for kilometers.

๐Ÿ Next day I visited the beaches of Costa Jandia and Costa Calma including the more popular Playa de Sotavento.

I visited Sotavento in 2 days in a row: the first day was "no wind" and I spent some time lulling myself in this naturalistic scenario. The second day the wind was very strong.

❌ Sotavento is the ideal place for surfing.

Stay in Morro del Jable if you are looking for the hottest and sunniest area of ​​Fuerteventura, for those who love long and wide beaches. The wind, on average, blows relentlessly throughout the island is generally well tolerated, some days it calms down, others it is strong, it goes to luck.

To understand, in 10 days of vacation I went from rain, scorching sun, strong wind, lack of winds... The weather is very variable especially in winter / spring.


3. Staying in Caleta de Fuste

If you don't like to change accommodation, you can settle in Caleta de Fuste for the whole stay as this village is located in the middle of the island so it is an optimal solution to see the North and the South starting in the morning for your trips.

Caleta de Fuste is convenient for taking the return flight as it is close to the airport.

Caleta de Fuste: location in the middle of the island, excellent for those who aim for an itinerant holiday, a comfortable seaside town to visit both the North and the South of Fuerteventura.

Close to the airport so is the best to stay before return home. Beautiful beach in the basin.

El Cotillo 1 night

I have not slept to El Cotillo... only a day trip.

El Cotillo is not a place that I would define as a tourist resort but a very, very quiet area with beautiful beaches. Zero nightlife, in the country there are fish restaurants and little else. If you want to completely dip in the nature, this place is your kingdom. I liked it.

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