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Tips about best place to stay in the Canary Islands for tourits: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote. Which is the best Canary Island to visit in every season? Sunniest places. Click the "Menu button" and choose your island.


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Best place to stay in Gran Canaria in November, December, January, February, March up to Easter. Where to stay in gran canaria.

Gran Canaria northern part is different from the Southwest. As well as staying on the coast resorts, is different than staying in the inland resorts.

Although Gran Canaria is not big, the climate is very different from north to south. In this article you can read my tips for staying in the warmest area of Gran Canariathe sunniest, the least windy and, for this reason, the most touristy.

Where to stay in Gran Canaria?

I suggest you to stay in the sunniest resort in Gran canaria: Puerto Rico.

Excellent strategic point near the most suitable beaches for water sports, diving, sunbathing above all in winter. Best beaches where the water slopes gently ideal for children, there are no high waves and the sand is white.

Gran Canaria where to stay

These villages, listed below, are the best places to stay in Gran Canaria, especially in autumn winter season:

  • Puerto Rico
  • Playa de Amadores
  • Anfi del Mar
  • Puerto De Mogan
  • Playa del Ingles
  • Maspalomas
I recommend you do not book an accommodation outside these resorts if you want to spend a warm winter in Gran Canaria.

where to stay in Gran Canaria
where to stay in gran canaria in winter

How to organize a holiday in Gran Canaria

- Book a flight through Ryanair (if you are European) to Las Palmas Airport (LPA).
πŸ‘‰ Get a quote from all the suppliers present in Las Palmas Airport
- Choose an accommodation by Booking.com in the Gran Canaria Southern area, according to your wishes:
πŸ‘‰ Book an accommodation in Gran Canaria (see the landing page with all the tourist areas.
Below, the latest offers for accommodation in Puerto Rico, south of Gran Canaria. The price is for 7 nights, per accommodation NOT per person. If you are looking for other dates, click the blue button "See all deals" and enter the desired period. Booking.com
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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has a lively centre full of restaurants, shops and a pleasant sea promenade.
For a few years I had a vacation apartment here now, as needed, I am happy to rent my friends' vacation home.

Puerto Rico is the sunniest and warmest place in Gran Canaria choose it if you are looking for:
  • beautiful beaches sheltered from the strong wind, 
  • a perfect place to sunbathe.
best place to stay gran canaria
Playa Puerto Rico credit by Tripadvisor

Very touristic place in Gran Canaria enclosed between 2 valleys that make it one of the warmest place on Gran Canaria. Excellent choice for winter holidays.
Below, the latest offers for accommodation in Puerto Rico, south of Gran Canaria. 

The price is for 7 nights, per accommodation NOT per person. If you are looking for other dates, click the blue button "See all deals" and enter the desired period.
Puerto Rico is located between Playa Amadores and Playa Anfi del Mar: 3 and 5 km away, respectively.

Also Puerto Rico itself has a conch-shaped beach, protected from strong winds, to take refuge in winter.
πŸ‘‰ Book an accommodation in Gran Canaria (see the landing page with all the tourist areas.


Playa de Amadores

best places to stay gran canaria
Puerto Rico, Playa de Amadores credit by Tripadvisor

Amadores is a fraction of Puerto Rico. There is no real centre but many tourist residences and hotels that rise in this valley adjacent to Puerto Rico. It is completely perched on the hill and all the buildings that rise in this area surround the beautiful beach.

From this beach you can enjoy spectacular views of the ocean and Tenerife and fantastic sunsets so I recommend it as a destination for a romantic vacation and for people who love sunbathing.

πŸ‘‰ Look this residence and its amazing view: Holiday Club Vista Amadores


Anfi del Mar

Beautiful beach in Gran Canaria with white sand but as a location it is inaccessible, it is not really a country but an exclusive resort of private accommodation (Timeshare apartments).

best place to stay on gran canaria
Anfi del Mar credit by Tripadvisor

The Radisson Blu Resort Gran Canaria it was built in this beautiful area and if you can afford a 5-star rating hotel, I suggest you book here.

There are not many accommodations available in Anfi del Mar, it is quite expensive.
So if your goal is to stay around here but looking for a economic accommodation, you can opt to stay in nearby Puerto Rico and get here by car or bus. They are about 5 km away.

You can find a parking lot just before the path who leads to the beach (affordable prices: around € 4 per day). Umbrellas and sun beds can be rented for the whole day, or just half a day, otherwise you can bring your own.

Latest deals. The price is for 7 nights, per accommodation NOT per person. If you are looking for other dates, click the blue button "See all deals" and enter the desired period. 


Puerto De Mogan

gran canaria warmest part
Puerto de Mogan credit by Tripadvisor

Small fishing port, very charming and colourful. Suitable for families and perfect in the coldest months of January and February.

Puerto de Mogan is different from the other places mentioned: it is very characteristic with its white houses decorated with colourful and beautiful flowers. Puerto de Mogan is a Tourist place but less "invaded by buildings" there are beautiful residences with tropical gardens and the historic centre has not lost its typical local taste.

When I visited Gran Canaria for the first time, I wanted to buy my apartment here but the expensive cost of the apartments made me turn to Puerto Rico, which is more lively, although less characteristic.
πŸ‘‰ Book an accommodation in Puerto De Mogan (see the landing page with all the tourist areas.

Playa del Ingles

hottest part of gran canaria in march
Playa del InglΓ©s credit by Tripadvisor

Playa del Ingles or Maspalomas are cooler than the countries mentioned above. More fresh, not cold.
Playa Del Ingles is the most popular area, the first massively exploited in the 1980s. Bars and restaurants are long the beach.

Choose to stay at Playa del Ingles if you prefer a long beach, if you want to stay in a flat country, if you love walking kilometers along the coastal path.

The Yumbo Shopping Center, in Playa del Ingles, is the largest gay center in Europe but accessible to anyone regardless of sexual orientation. It is an open area on 3 levels crammed with restaurants and shops, mostly with electronics, tobacco sales (less expensive than on the continent), clothes...

πŸ‘‰ Accommodation in Playa del Ingles


where to stay in gran canaria
Maspalomas credit by Tripadvisor

The most suggestive area with the famous Dunes. Maspalomas does not have direct access to the dunes. It is considered a residential area: several northern European pensioners live in Maspalomas or spend the winter months in a warm and sunny place.

Here you can find al lot of residences with pretty bungalow. The area is quiet and well served: I suggest you to hire a car or take a bus/bike to move easily.
πŸ‘‰ Book an accommodation in Maspalomas, Gran Canaria (see the landing page with all the tourist areas.


Gran Canaria best place to stay
Costa Meloneras credit by Tripadvisor

Meloneras is close to Maspalomas it is develop on a long avenue that overlooks the ocean but does not have access to the beach. It is necessary to move up to the nearby Maspalomas (also reachable on foot).
Nightlife takes place along the coastal path up to the lighthouse.

Meloneras is an exclusive area with luxurious restaurants, brand shops, boutiques. There ara a lot of "Grand Hotels" and they all have huge pools and are often heated with sea water so not having direct access to the sea is not a problem.
Compared to Puerto Rico, Meloneras is less sheltered from the wind, so if you want to stay here and swimming, it is better to opt for a structure with heated pool like this Riu Hotel Meloneras.

  • Places to avoid in Gran Canaria

Valle de Jinamar is a place to avoid in Gran Canaria.
Vecindario, Galdar, Ingenio, Telde, Fataga are place to avoid in Gran Canaria if you look for accommodation for a winter holiday.

Fataga, Galdar are good for a trip and stay a night in some fincas or rural house but not for beach holiday.

  • Which is best north or south gran canaria

The weather and temperatures are difference between Gran Canaria north and south. The prevailing wind is from the , so often rain heavy clouds will empty on the North of the island while the southern tip stays bathed in sunshine.  is a few degrees cooler than the South.

Prefer Gran Canaria Southwester area for beaches, sealife, sunbathe.

The North of the island is more rainy, cloudy end windy in winter season so prefer Las Palmas cosmopolitan capital city in the northern part, to study, meet young people, visit monuments, shopping, walk on the path that runs alongside the Las Canteras beach.

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