Canary Islands in winter: Which is the warmest canary island in December? Which is the hottest Canary Island in January? Best Canary Island in February?

I stayed several time in December in Gran Canaria. Often, in december, in Puerto Rico, temperatures even reach 30 degrees. Staying at the beach is fantastic! Also children enter in the sea, as you can see in the image above. Here I was in Playa Amadores, near my friend's house.

In general, the Canary Islands have a mild climate all year but not all the  places are so warm. Over the years, in winter I visited them all.

For those who want to spend the Christmas and New Year's Eve in the beach, sunbathing, is the better to stay in Tenerife o Gran Canaria.
Now I explain to you in which countries it is better to stay in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, in winter.

Best canary island in December: Christmas & New Year
If you want to take a tour of the island, every season is good.
These countries that I…


Best region to stay in tenerife. Which is the least windy place in tenerife? Best area to stay in tenerife. Best place to stay in Tenerife. Where to stay in tenerife? Best part of Tenerife. Best place to stay in Tenerife:
Los CristianosPlaya de Las AmericasCosta AdejeSanta Cruz de TenerifePuerto de la Cruz
Best region to stay in Tenerife
The Best region to stay in Tenerife is 👉 Arona
On the coast there are the most touristic cities of Tenerife including Los Cristianos (the sunniest and least windy part of the island) and Playa Las Americas the liveliest place.

Best place to stay in Tenerife
Playa de las Americas
Playa de Las Americas is the most popular destination in the south of Tenerife, near the most popular beaches like Las Vistas and Playa Troya

Playa del las Americas is the centre of the Tenerife nightlifefull of pubs, clubs, shops, restaurants.

My accommodation tips:
👉 Best place to stay Tenerife close to beach.
👉 Tenerife quiet nights with direct access to beach promenade.


Main questions: Is Fuerteventura Windy? Least windy part of Fuerteventura. How windy is Fuerteventura in August, September, October? Where to stay in Fuerteventura. Windy months. Windiest part of Fuerteventura. Is Corralejo windy? Is the wind cold in Fuerteventura? Is costa calma windy? Is jandia windy? Is Caleta de Fuste windy? Warmest part of Fuerteventura.

Is Fuerteventura windy? 

On my last vacation in Fuerteventura, I spent 10 days on this beautiful island staying in 3 different places: 4 days in Corralejo, 3 days in Caleta de Fuste, 3 days in Morro del Jable, so I could see nearby attractions without driving too much from one place to another.

Let's start from the beginning...

Fuerteventura is windy, the surfing championships take place in this island. So...

Is it always windy in Fuerteventura?

No. The weather is very variable: the wind is not constant but there are days that can be very strong, others only a slight breeze. When the wind drops, it is very hot and the sun is …


Best place to stay in Tenerife for young. Most lively area in Tenerife. Best tourist place to stay in Tenerife. Best location for the party going type of holiday. 
BEST NIGHTLIFE in TENERIFE Playa de Las Americasis a perfect place for those looking for a holiday in a tourist area ​​with its beautiful beaches, with a favourable climate, shops, restaurants, entertainment, it is the first choise by almost all tourists, not only young couples looking for fun.
Indeed the South of Tenerife is very frequented by retired people looking for a sunny and mild weather, especially in winter.

So, if you want to have fun or you're single and you want to meet boys and girls from all over Europe, follow my advice if you do not want to booking a hotel full of families with children, or retired people.

 Best hotels in Playa de las Americas near Veronicas Strip
The most suitable area for the nightlife, is located in an area called "las Veronicas", full of nightclubs. It is the main commercial…


Best place to stay in Gran Canaria in November, December, January, February up to April. Best area where to stay in Gran Canaria.
Best placesto stay in Gran Canaria:
Puerto RicoPlaya de AmadoresAnfi del MarPuerto De MoganPlaya del InglesMaspalomasMeloneras
Best place to stay in Gran Canaria in winter

The North of Gran Canaria is different from the South. As well as staying on the coast, it is different than staying inland.
The best place to stay in Gran Canaria if you look for:

beautiful beaches sheltered from the strong wind, sunny days and blue sky, a perfect place to sunbathe...
is located in the south west of the island. In this area there are many English, Norwegian and Finnish tourists followed by Dutch, Swedes, Germans, Italians...

Best area to stay in Gran Canaria
The area in which I recommend staying in Gran Canaria Sud is Puerto Rico. Excellent strategic point near the most suitable beaches for doing water sports, diving, bathing in the winter, where the water slopes gently idea…


Which canary island is windy? Is Tenerife windy? Is Gran Canaria windy? Is Lanzarote windy? Is Fuerteventura windy? Least windy resort in the canary island.
Which is the least windy area in Tenerife?
The South-East area, Los Cristianos - Playa de las Americas.Least windy area in Tenerife: 👉 look at the map Los Cristianos
Which is the least windy between Lanzarote and Fuerteventua?
Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are the windiest islands in the Canary Islands.
Which is the least windy area in Gran Canaria?
The least windy area of ​​Gran Canaria is located in the South-West. Municipality of Mogàn.Least windy area in Gran Canaria👉look at the map Puerto Rico

Canaries: the less windy island

People often ask me about which is the least windy Canary island. I understand them... Maybe they travel with children or they, like me, are bothered by the wind.
All the Canary Islands are windy but there are places more sheltered by wind and with beaches suitable in e…