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Tips about best place to stay in the Canary Islands for tourits: Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote. Which is the best Canary Island to visit in every season? Sunniest places. Click the "Menu button" and choose your island.


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Gran Canaria is the hottest canary island in december.


No doubt, the warmest canary island in December, in winter season, Christmas & New Year, in January and February is Gran Canaria or Tenerife but ONLY in the villages listed below.

Warmest places in Tenerife

The warmest places in Tenerife are:
  • Los Cristianos
  • Playa de Las Americas (lively place, best beaches for winter stays)
  • Costa Adeje
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Warmest resorts in Gran Canaria

The warmest places in Gran Canaria are:
  • Puerto Rico (my choice for proximity to the best beaches in winter)
  • Playa de Amadores (best view - watch my video - Turn English subtitles on)
  • Anfi del Mar
  • Puerto De Mogan
I have created a dedicated page with many videos of the most beautiful beaches in Gran Canaria so that you can find an accommodation near the beach that you like best.
See my Gran Canaria videos and deals ⭐ Turn English subtitles on, to follow my video.

Warmest Canary island christmas
Warmest Canary island in December

    Which canary island is hottest in december?

    I stayed several time in December in Gran Canaria. I always choose the same area where my friends have a vacation apartment: Puerto Rico. I, usually, lay down on this beautiful beach: Playa de Amadores.

    Playa de Amadores credit by Tripadvisor

    Canary islands weather december

    The temperatures even reach 30 degrees in Gran Canaria, southwest area. Staying at the beach is fantastic! Also children take a dip in the sea.

    Gran Canaria weather in december


    Hottest Canary Island in December 🌞

     – the short answer -

    In general, the Canary Islands have a mild climate in winter but not all the places are so warm. Over the years, I visited all the islands.

    For those who want to spend the Christmas and New Year's Eve in the beach, sunbathing, is the better to stay in Tenerife or Gran Canaria. NO DOUBT!

    • Warmest Canary Islands best for nightlife:
    I suggest you stay in Tenerife if you are looking for the warmest Canary Island that also have a lively nightlife
    • Sunniest Canary Islands in winter:
    Choose Gran Canaria (SOUTHWEST PART) if you prefer sea life, sunbathing, and a more stable and sunniest climate. 

    Trust me. Puerto Rico is the best area to stay in Gran Canaria in winter: you can easily move to the other beaches (Playa Amadores can be reached on foot, if you choose an accommodation on the West Hill, like this residence.)

    I'm sure, once you get here, and looking from the balcony, you'll thank me for the advice! ❤️ 

    Warmest canary island in january

    The warmest Canary island in January is Gran Canaria: the southwestern part.

    Due to its geography, this area remains protected by strong winds, beaches too, so it is a pleasure sunbathe and lying on the beach.

    So if you want to stay in the warmest area of Gran Canaria, in the peak season, it is better to book in advance otherwise, the best accommodation and cheap apartments, will no longer be available. 

    Best place to stay in Gran Canaria in february

    Best accommodation to stay in Gran Canaria near best beaches:

    ⇨ Holiday club vista Amadores: Amazing views. Close to the famous Amadores beach, great for autumn-winter stays. Ideal for couples. Romantic sunset.

    ⇨ Apartamentos Mayaguezonly for adults guests (no children) in Puerto Rico near the harbor.

    ⇨ Warmest Canary island in december - Hotel Cordial Mogan Playa - Beautiful resort located in Puerto de Mogan. Small but pretty beach surrounded by shops. A village made up of white houses with colorful flowers on the balconies. Intimate, full of restaurants, ideal for couples or for families with children.

    Hottest canary island in January

    Gran Canaria. Although the Canaries have a reputation for conserving the warmth of summer practically all year round, there are considerable differences from island to island in terms of climate. 

    Fuerteventura is one of the warmest of the Canary islands in January BUT is windy. I've been there a couple of times in January and February and the weather is very variable. When there is no wind, no cloudy, the sun is burning.

    However I prefer the more stable climate of Puerto Rico (Gran Canaria). The niche in which it is enclosed allows me to enjoy more days of sunshine, which is the main reason why I go to the Canaries in winter.

    However, if you find a cheap flight to Fuerteventura, accommodation is cheaper here. I recommend going to the south: to Morro del Jable, to enjoy the best climate. If you want a little more lively place, choose Caleta de Fuste (which is a blasphemy to say "lively place" in Fuerteventura, the land of relaxation).

    ⭐ Turn English subtitles on, to follow my video:

    Here you will find the list of accommodations shown in the video above, 
    around playa Amadores:
      1. Holiday Club Vista Amadores 
      2. Riu Vistamar Gran Canaria - All Inclusive
      3. Terraza de Amadores 
      4. Holiday Club Jardin Amadores 
      5. Casa Romantica de Balcon de Amadores 
      6. Gloria Palace Royal Hotel & Spa  
      7. Holiday Club Playa Amadores 

    Rent a car in the Canaries

    Get a fast quote:

    I hope that with my tips about warmest Canary Island, you will choose the perfect place for your holiday and you will come back to home very tanned.

    To know:

    Except for the period of hardship due to Covid, usually is difficult to find cheap apartments if you book in periods like Christmas, New Year's Eve, Carnival, Easter... because lots of tourists, from all over Europe, are wintering here.

    I have nothing more to add, except that the latitude of the Canary Islands allows for maximum absorption of vitamin D: usually deficient in people living in northern countries (vitamin D strengthens the immune system! We all need it!).

    Have a nice trip! 

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