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IS TENERIFE WINDY? Least windy part

Is Tenerife windy?

Are you wondering if Tenerife is windy?

Yes, Tenerife is windy especially the north and west coasts, if you are looking for the least windy area of Tenerife is πŸ‘‰ Arona.

On the Arona coast there are the most touristic cities of Tenerife including Los Cristianos (the sunniest and least windy part of the island) and Playa Las Americas the liveliest place.

The least windy places in Tenerife:

  • Los Cristianos
  • Playa de Las Americas
  • Costa Adeje

The windiest tourist resorts in Tenerife:

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife
  • Puerto de la Cruz
Tenerife least windy part
Is Tenerife windy?

Is Tenerife windy?

Least windy place in Tenerife

The least windy place of Tenerife is Playa de las Americas.

In addition to being in the sunniest area of Tenerife, Playa del las Americas is the centre of the Tenerife nightlife full of pubs, clubs, shops, restaurants. It is the most popular destination in the southern part of Tenerife, near the most popular beaches like Las Vistas and Playa Troya.

least windy canary island
Las Vistas credit by Tripadvisor.

best areas tenerife

  • Los Cristianos

Which is the least windy place in Tenerife  in January, February, March or April? Best place to stay in Tenerife with families and children?
least windy beach in tenerife
Los Cristianos by Tripadvisor

Los Cristianos is recommended for those who spend a winter holiday in Tenerife  because it is the warmest and sunniest area of Tenerife. 

Los Cristianos is close to Las Americas and is the place with the best climate on the island. It is a very touristy area full of shops, restaurants... and has a beautiful seaside promenade.
There are a lot of rental apartments in this area.

Choose an accommodation in Los Cristianos if:

- you travel with family and children.
- You want to stay in a tourist area.
- Looking for quiet nights just steps from the beach and the center.
- Looking for proximity to Playa de las Americas but without the risk of sleeping in a noisy place.
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Best place to stay in the least windy area of Tenerife

  • Costa Adeje

El Duque beach is located in the Southern part of Tenerife. This beach is surrounded by luxury hotels and restaurants. The area is more exclusive than Las Americas.

least windy area of Tenerife
El Duque beach

There are usually more retired people in this part of Tenerife and anyone looking for a certain level of accommodation. The most prestigious hotels are located in Adeje.

the least windy places in tenerife
Costa Adeje credit by Tripadvisor.

Adeje is quieter then Playa de las Americas but not boring: it is in the touristic and sunniest area of Tenerife.

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